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First chess in a three-dimensional field is available for iPad

Jan 12, 2012 - Ukrainian company InCube Games presents iOS, iPad compatible, version of InCube Chess, the new and revolution version of the well-known chess game, that transfer battle between whites and blacks to real 3D cube instead of usual board, in addition to the basic version of the program accessible to all versions of Mac OS. Besides, despite the quite affordable price, for all supported hardware platforms became accessible freeware versions of the game.

InCube Chess (chess in 8x8x8 space): update, free version is available

Dec 07, 2011 - InCube Games presented free version of revolutionary chess in real 3D field (8x8x8), and has updated the basic version of the program. And, on the eve of Christmas holidays, the price for the basic version of this "Game for the Real Intellectuals" is lowered. Many fans of "StarWars" or "StarTrack" films remember short episodes where dzedajs or pilots play in something like three-dimensional chess. However serials computer chess was understood only as three-dimensional on a flat board.

InCube-Chess - When the flat chessboard is transformed to a cube

Nov 23, 2011 - InCube Games today introduces InCube-Chess, their new gaming title available on the Mac App Store. Invented chess game in 3D battlefield. InCube-Chess allows you to play chess game in real three dimensional space. It follows standard rules for all pieces with the only exception that they are expanded to third dimension. Setting new queen if a pawn reaches opponent's base, castle and other principles not directly related to move rules are completely the same as normal chess game uses.