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Coco Wedding - A Free 3D Wedding Dress Up Game

Dec 20, 2013 - Coco Play today introduces Coco Wedding 1.0.0, their newly designed 3D App for kids on the Apple Store. The user can dress up bride Coco with all kinds of wedding dresses, hairstyles, shoes, veils, jewelry, eyelashes and glamorous accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, gloves and much more. What makes this app really amazing is, after creating the desired Coco, the user can even pick a bridegroom and take Coco to enjoy a fantastic church wedding or beach wedding.

Coco High Heels - Free App to Create Your Own Shoes

Nov 07, 2013 - Coco Play introduces Coco High Heels 1.0.0, their newly designed App for iOS. In this user-friendly and creative app, little girls can design shoes from heel to toe, customize every respect of their appearances, and embellish them with blinking crystals. Offering incredible creative possibilities, easily select stockings, toenails, anklets, tattoos, crystals, and even skin colors. Users are encouraged to send their creations to the developer's weekly contest, "High Heels Show."

Coco Princess - A Free 3D game for girls from Cocoplay

Aug 27, 2013 - Coco Play today introduces Coco Princess 1.0.0, their newly designed 3D App for kids on Apple Store. Users can dress up Coco as a Princess with all kinds of dressess, tops, skirts, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, jewelries, eyelashes and so on. Princess Coco will pick a Prince to go the the ball. They will dance together and watch the fireworks show. Kids are encouraged to send their creations to the developer's weekly contest, "My Princess Coco."

Coco Paint My Dress - Free App for Kids to Make Dresses

Jul 01, 2013 - Coco Play introduces Coco Paint My Dress 1.0.0, their newly designed App for iOS. In this kid-friendly and creative app, users get 4 characters to paint dresses for, and to dress them up. All kinds of accessories can also be painted as uses' likes. The characters will even reply with cute voices to tell if they like the user's creation or not when they are being dressed up. Kids are encouraged to send their creations to the developer's weekly contest, "My Dress Show."

Coco Dress Up 3D for iOS - Free 3D Dress Up Game For Kids

May 06, 2013 - Linqsoft introduces Coco Dress Up 3D 1.0.0, their newly designed game for iOS. In this kid-friendly and creative app, users get to pick and match clothes and accessories from more than 400 items for Coco, the cute 3D girl. Various dress themes are also included: fantasy, uniform, wedding, animal, fashion, casual and so on. Choose from them all freely to challenge the matching skills and fashion sense, with no rules, stress or time limits.

Ava The 3D doll - Dress Up and Day Caring

Dec 13, 2012 - Linqsoft introduces Ava the 3D Doll 1.0, their newly designed game for iOS. Ava is a cute, beautiful girl who feels lonely at home. Players can feed and nurture her with fun activities. Ava is a all-rounded dancer, who can dance in 9 styles. She has 18 dresses for choosing and she can play games, too. It's possible to use the camera to take group photo with Ava, even using her own surroundings. Some mini games are also included in this game.

Amazing Painting Studio - Where Everyone is an Artist!

Oct 18, 2012 - After the success of Amazing Coloring Studio which has ranked No.1 Free Eduction App in 10 countries' App Store, Lingsoft released another drawing game - Amazing Painting Studio 1.0.0, which makes painting so simple that every kids can be an artist! With 6 realistic painting utensils in 64 rainbow colors and 192 painting pages, it will bring you pleasure together with amazing paintings that you have never experienced before. It will help you paint and create amazing works really easily.

Ava the Talking Witch 1.0 - Understands and Performs Spells

Aug 09, 2012 - Lingsoft today introduces Ava the Talking Witch 1.0, an interactive game featuring Ava, a bubbly witch who replies to the user and performs various spells with her magic wand when she is told. Ava can perform Nature spells that feature elements such as butterflies and fireworks as well as many different Transformation spells that change her into various cultural icons. Users can share their interactions with Ava via Facebook, Instagram, or other social networking sites.

Ava: My Talking Doll released for iOS - Free talking doll to play doctor

Dec 12, 2011 - Mobile app company, Linqsoft Ltd. today introduces Ava: My Talking Doll 1.0, their free 3d interactive children's game for iOS devices. Great for kids and the entire family, Ava is a cute ticklish girl doll, who is able to repeat anything you say in a funny voice. The game offers cute animations of Ava, which are triggered by touching her face, belly, hands and feet, etc. In addition, users can play doctor and patient with Ava; when she is sick, make her well again with love and medicine.