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FatRedCouch Empowers Creative Intelligence in MoonDucky Musical Theatre

Jan 19, 2016 - California based FatRedCouch today introduces MoonDucky Musical Theatre 1.2.39, their new kid's title for iOS, Android and Amazon. The stage is set! Bringing art and music together for children to explore and create, MoonDucky allows kids to cast, costume, and direct custom musical theater experiences. Kids will take the director's chair and bring a self-created production to life. From casting to performance, MoonDucky provides fun and unique theatrical experiences.

W. M. Keck Observatory Launches App KeckWatch

Jul 17, 2015 - W. M. Keck Observatory today releases KeckWatch for iOS, offering mankind's collected knowledge of the cosmos. KeckWatch provides a glimpse into the skies with gyro-based star mapping and live telescope information. In addition to being able to easily identify stars and planets with both conventional and Hawaiian names, it offers a unique glimpse through the gigantic eyes of the Keck I and Keck II telescopes, the two largest and most scientifically productive telescope on Earth.

Walk Into The Summer Safely With Free PedSafe App

Jun 24, 2015 - Designed by a former fire chief and a former public works supervisor, PedSafe was developed to make pedestrians more noticeable while walking. The free app assists pedestrians to be proactive and alert when crossing or walking near streets and roadways. Using the symbol for a pedestrian crossing, PedSafe generates an amber random strobe pattern that allows the user to be seen from up to 3-5 city blocks away at night. It helps improve drivers' awareness by increasing the users visibility.

Smart-EZE App Helps Children Retain Math, English, and Reading Skills

Jun 16, 2015 - Bright Ideas Press today announces Smart-EZE: Minutes A Day - Math, English, and Reading Comprehension Review, its new educational app that contains enhanced, interactive, digital versions of their award winning Summer Solutions Workbooks. Smart-EZE provides the necessary review and practice that allows students to retain important math and language arts skills, not only over the summer break, but for a lifetime. The first Smart-EZE lesson in each subject and grade level is Free.

New U of Chew App Helps Battle Childhood Obesity, Teaches Healthy Habits

Mar 26, 2015 - Children become Masters of Nutrition with the U of Chew App, learning healthy habits for life. Conceived by award-winning pediatrician Dr. Gerard Roberts, and developed by mobile entertainment publisher FatRedCouch, U of Chew uses exciting animations with fun characters, videos, games, stories, tips, and recipes to increase children's awareness about healthy food and fitness. Follow the adventures of a group of students and their professor at the U of Chew and places in Tastee Town.

This Sweet Bark Has a lot of Fun to Bite into this Holiday

Dec 18, 2014 - Teaching children positive life lessons has gone to the dog! Conceived by Lisa DuPre', and produced and developed by mobile entertainment publisher FatRedCouch, A New Home for Charlie 1.3.23 will excite conversation between children and parents about friendships, confidence, and empathy while igniting creativity. Featuring professional voice over talent, original music and sound effects, the app provides a delightfully animated and immersive environment and includes many activities.

It's Never Too Early For Love - Small Potatoes Magic Toy Maker App

Dec 10, 2014 - Fat Red Couch, Inc. today announces Small Potatoes Magic Toymaker 1.2.06, their playful entertainment app for iOS and Android devices. Dress up your own Small Potatoes Plush Toy for that special someone for Valentine's Day! Choose from hundreds of fun, colorful, and lively costume variations. Using the tools in this interactive app, anyone can customize a high quality Small Potatoes plush toy, design and personalize a hang tag, and have it delivered right to their door, with free shipping.

Screentakes eBook Series on Kickstarter Launches

Jun 03, 2014 - Screentakes has created a new type of media rich ebook with video, photos, audio clips and interactive graphics integrated with the text to create a unique learning experience. Developed from Screentakes Founder Jennine Lanouette's 20+ years of lecturing on screenplay story structure, these ebooks provide in-depth analysis of great films that will increase their understanding of the art of screenwriting. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to complete the first two ebooks.

Charlie and Shearl's Acorn Hero App Offers Exciting Line Rider Game Play

Feb 21, 2014 - Bay Area mobile publisher, Fat Red Couch, Inc., in partnership with Mojine Music, today releases Charlie and Shearl's Acorn Hero 2.5.1 for for iOS, Android, NOOK, and Tabeo devices. Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua's best friend, Shearl the Tailless Squirrel, needs help to gather her many golden acorns and get home safely. Draw the best route to help Shearl ride the line to get home. The game's 60 levels include many challenges that deal with gravity and physics, pinball action and more.