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Pooby Goody new bird species discovered

Feb 27, 2012 - CodeCube Brothers Partnership announces Pooby Goody for iOS devices. We thought that world still had a place for new bird species, so we want to presents Pooby Birds. Cute characters and easy gameplay gives this game very fun and addictive approach. This game is first adventure of the Pooby Birds. Goody bird can lay golden eggs, but it's have to drop golden eggs, because weight of bird increase every time when it eat stones. Where goody drops eggs is still a mystery.

Basketball Physics new approach to phone basketball games genre

Jan 28, 2012 - CodeCube Brothers Partnership announces Basketball Physics 1.1.0 for iOS devices. Basketball Physics is a game which is inspired with a awesomes of basketball game and physics. This game have a slightly different approach to the game type, because this game you have to really control ball and throw the ball with your finger. This gives more interesting approach to the game. Game also have one and two player modes, so you can play againts your friend or cpu player.