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Wendr Makes It Easy To Find Out What Your Friends Are Doing Tonight

Feb 13, 2012 - Wendr, a new social media service that aims to simplify the way in which people coordinate nightly plans, announced the release of its iPhone application at the onset of Social Media Week in New York City. Wendr solves an everyday problem very directly. Instead of wasting time calling, texting and messaging all of your friends to see what they're doing tonight, Wendr allows you to coordinate plans with your friends more efficiently, so you can stop checking-in and start hanging out.

Offset4Poor - Offset carbon emissions and help the poor at the same time

Dec 04, 2011 - Offset4Poor introduces Offset4Poor 1.0, which helps measure and calculate daily carbon emissions and gives the option to offset emissions by donating to create carbon saving jobs. People and Governments 'talk a lot' about global warming, unemployment, and poverty as being some of the biggest global problems. This app takes a stab at doing something practical at an individual/family level, both in the USA and in poor countries. The app is now available in the iTunes store.