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Silent Depth Offers Players a World War II Submarine Battle Simulation

Dec 22, 2016 - Indie development team, Codeknitters today announces Silent Depth 1.0.2, an important update to their 3D submarine simulation for iOS & Android devices. Silent Depth gives players the opportunity to take control of a Gato/Balao-class submarine during patrols in the perilous waters of the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Captains must attack Japanese merchant ships, while avoiding detection by their destroyer escorts. Version 1.0.2 brings fixes for torpedo count and battery charge indicators.

Blotty Pots 1.0.4 for iOS - Turn Based, Chain Reaction, Strategy Game

Dec 19, 2011 - COBBLECROWD today introduces Blotty Pots 1.0.4 for iOS, their turn based, chain reaction, strategy Game that challenges players to fill a grid of 16-36 paint cans with their own color paint. A pot fills by 1/3 each time touched, and when it overflows, it sends 1/3 of a can of paint into the cans N, E, S, & W, making them all the same color. Played against the machine or handed to a single opponent, the game seems simple until a single move causes a chain reaction of overflows, winning the game.