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Solar Siege - Sci-fi strategy for iOS and Android by Origin8

Dec 08, 2016 - UK based Origin8 Technologies today introduces Solar Siege 1.0.8, their latest mobile strategy title for iOS and Android devices. Take command of a Deep Space Mining Station harvesting the riches of the asteroids, manage a power network crucial to sustain operations, and defend against an alien foe who wants a piece of the galactic pie. Players can spend earnings on a selection of persistent upgrades to support and complement their units, research new abilities, weapons and defences.

Future Sense - Origin8's Time-Travel Adventure now Available on iOS

Oct 26, 2015 - Origin8 announces Future Sense 1.0, their episodic adventure/puzzle game for iOS devices. Time waits for no one... except you. Does that mean it's on your side? Find out in Future Sense. The brainchild of industry veteran Jas Austin, Future Sense launches the player into a sci-fi mystery with a time travel twist. Using stealth, wits, and strange experimental powers, they must investigate the enigma of Sennin Systems and, perhaps, find a cure for their temporal curse.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star - iOS strategy Tower Defense launches

Aug 17, 2014 - Veteran independent studio Origin8 Technologies announces their newest game, Sentinel 4: Dark Star for iOS. Like its predecessors, Sentinel 4: Dark Star expands both the strategic and tactical elements of the genre for a finely tuned gaming experience. The game expands explosively as the interstellar war moves to a mysterious alien world. Battle across vast landscapes as you explore the mystery of the Dark Star. Are you ready for the ultimate Sentinel challenge?

Tractor Trails from Origin8 - an ex-seeding-ly good puzzle game for iOS

May 03, 2012 - Veteran independent developers Origin8 are pleased to announce the release of their latest iOS title, Tractor Trails. In this farm-themed puzzle game, players guide Red the Tractor around mazy fields, aiming to hit every square and plant as many seeds as possible. Red's lack of brakes isn't the only complicating factor - obstacles such as the spiteful old scarecrow can prove both a hindrance and a help in filling the hundred-plus levels with trees.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld - award winning strategy now on the Mac App Store

Feb 04, 2011 - Veteran British iOS developers Origin8 are proud to announce the launch of their first game on the Mac App Store. "Sentinel 3: Homeworld" is a Mac OSX version of their award winning iOS SciFi Tower Defence game, and the third and largest instalment of the 1.5 million download "Sentinel" strategy series.

Origin8 releases iWitness for iPhone - One touch GPS personal security

Jun 11, 2009 - Origin8 Technologies are pleased to announce the release of iWitness 1.0, a complete personal safety solution for the Apple iPhone. iWitness provides a powerful suite of GPS enabled alert and reporting tools, with server side location tracking and one touch 'panic button' emergency activation. iWitness expands on standard telephone emergency functionality with many great features.