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We Are All Born Perfect - 5-star app now free for limited time

Jan 30, 2012 - Mobitab, a developer of children's apps, is announcing that the app We are all born perfect 1.0 is now free for limited time! for for iPhone(R) and iPad(R). It's 5 star rated by readers of Casual Connect. An exciting and inspirational interactive storybook for children of all ages and adults. We Are All Born Perfect is the very best multi-media book about pregnancy and birth. Story with magic, humor and imagination. Go and grab a wonderful and unforgettable experience for free.

Dodo Teacher: Words - fun educational game on iOS devices

Jan 20, 2012 - Mobitab introduces Dodo Teacher: Words, a brand new and fun word learning educational game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Quirky Dodo Teacher speaks 9 languages is fully interactive and with flamboyant graphics. Dodo will teach you more then 400 words from different categories, such as domestic animals, wild animals, aquatic animals, transportation, nature, food, drinks, astronomy, tools, fruit, vegetables, clothing and more, all this in nine different languages.

We Are All Born Perfect - new children's app by J.D. Grimm and Mobitab

Dec 17, 2011 - Mobitab introduces We are all born perfect 1.0, for iOS devices. Developed in collaboration with Jane D. Grimm. We are all born perfect is a story for children ages 4+ and adults and a cheating sheet for moments we're asked "Where do babies come from"? A magical story about pregnancy and birth, as it has never been told. It explains why you are as perfect as you are. Come and explore the baby's journey full of love. Find out why you and your kids are fit to cope life and all its challenges.