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Lingibli Update Offers Free Additional Functions to Language Lovers

Mar 15, 2012 - Lingibli launched its first update for the iPhone and Android App, providing language learners and travelers with new free functionalities to start learning a new language and have fun sharing the experience with their Facebook friends. Every hit of the 'I like' button will be rewarded with the unlocking of the Emotion category within the App. One can unlock these phrases with pronunciations by liking the Lingibli fanpage on Facebook via the app. The updated version supports Slovak language.

Lingibli Makes A Language Learning Lab Out Of Your House

Dec 23, 2011 - Lingibli, an education startup based in Slovakia's capital Bratislava, announced the general availability of a new language-learning tool that enables its users to start learning a foreign language without having to spend any additional time and money - just by walking around. The so-called Language Pages and mobile Apps help users to bridge the barriers of learning a foreign language in a fun way.