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Retro Jump : 1983 - Nostalgia on an iPhone

Apr 10, 2012 - Hyperion Games today introduces Retro Jump : 1983 for iOS devices, a retrospective work that crosses the modern game play style of games like Doodle Jump, with the retro styling of Manic Miner. In Retro Jump, the object is simple; keep jumping on platforms, as high as you can, while tilting your device to guide the player. But watch out for the video nasty hazards, toxic weed, strange guardians, falling stalactites. The game is fully integrated with Game Center leader boards.

Fairy Hills HD - iPhone/iPad - Norgar Forest Needs Your Help

Mar 09, 2012 - Hyperion Games introduces "Fairy Hills(TM) HD" for iOS devices. The Fairies of hilly Norgar Forest need a Hero to save them from an evil sorcerer's spell which has ruined their homes, can you be that heroic elf. Fans of Tiny Wings, Apple's Game of the Year 2011, will be familiar with the hill and flight dynamics; the additional challenge of collecting magic and repairing houses whilst trying to maintain speed and flight rhythm, make this game a compelling challenge.

Christmas Sledging - Can Leebo Save Christmas

Dec 20, 2011 - Hyperion Games introduces Christmas Sledging 1.1 for iOS devices. Leebo loves sledging; he is out sledging on Christmas eve and sees Santa. But Santa's sledge slips on an icy patch and drops some presents. Santa asks Leebo to help collect and deliver presents otherwise some houses will go without. Fans of Tiny Wings, Apple's Game of the Year, will be familiar with the hill and flight dynamics, the additional challenge of landing the sledge to collect presents.