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Teleprompter for iPad and iPhone introduces Apple Watch compatibility

Mar 31, 2015 - UK based App Store entrepreneur Joe Allen, today announces the upcoming release of Teleprompter 1.4, an update to the popular teleprompter app for iPad & iPhone, introducing Apple Watch compatibility. Teleprompter promises an easy and free script prompter for professional and flawless communication with an audience. It offers a multitude of features to enhance the professionalism of a presentation, speech or video project including Bluetooth & WiFi controls, editing tools, Mirror mode and more.

Two 21 year-old app developers publish their $100k success story

Jul 27, 2014 - UK based 21 year-old app developers, Joe Allen and Matt Cowlin, have earned over $100,000 since they published their first apps in 2011, and want to help other developer achieve the same. Joe and Matt's first book "$100,000 on the AppStore" follows their success story from struggling-to-attract users, to being featured on the AppStore, and everything in between. The book is available to buy online on Friday August 1st 2014.

Professional Digital Clapperboard for iPad fits any production budget

Jul 25, 2012 - UK based Infinity Video & Photography today introduces Professional Digital Clapperboard 1.0, its new digital clapperboard developed specifically for Apple iPad devices. With multiple slates, custom frames-per-second settings, clock and timer mode, tail slate mode and much more, Professional Digital Clapperboard offers the professional features found in traditional digital clapperboards as well as many great new features that the iPad can offer.

Amazing Mind-Reading Card Tricks goes Free and HD

Jan 10, 2012 - Earlier this week UK Based iOS Developer Joe Allen announced that his iPhone app Amazing Mind-Reading Card Tricks 1.0 was available on the iTunes AppStore. He's now even more excited to announce a further three versions of the app are now available to download. The app promised to be able to "read users' minds" by performing a clever card trick and revealing the card that the user was thinking of. Thousands of users downloaded the app within the first few hours of it's release.

Let your iPhone read your mind - Amazing Mind-Reading Magic Tricks

Jan 09, 2012 - UK based iOS Developer Joe Allen is pleased to announce today that Amazing Mind-Reading Magic Tricks 1.0 is now available for download in the iTunes AppStore, designed specifically for iPhone and iPod touch, with an iPad version due to release next week. This app is a clever modern twist on a classic card trick, where the user is asked to think of one of 21 given cards. The iPhone provides the perfect opportunity to perform the classic card trick to friends and family.