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Free Mac Security Course and E-Book Released

Jan 13, 2017 - MacMost's latest online course teaches typical Mac users about online safety, malware and backups. The Practical Guide to Mac Security consists of 24 lessons that will enable the typical home and office Mac user to secure their Mac from dangers like malware, online account break-ins, data loss, and online scams. The course includes a free e-book of the same name with even more information and details.

MacMost Produces Video Guide To Lion

Oct 11, 2011 - The Video Guide to Lion is a new way to learn how to get the most from your Mac. Instead of a traditional book or a set of tutorials on a DVD, it is an application that can be purchased in the Mac App Store. Targeted at new Mac users, or users who have just upgraded to Lion and are looking to learn about its new features, the Video Guide to Lion is a series of 21 video tutorials that can be watched right on a Mac inside the application.

MacMost Now Video Podcast Publishes 500th Episode

Jan 10, 2011 - Since its beginning in November, 2007, the MacMost Now video podcast has taught viewers how to get the most from their Apple devices. Publishing about three times per week, the short videos include tutorials, advice and tech news. Gary Rosenzweig, the host of the show, started with the simple goal of providing short video tutorials to help the average Mac user. He found an audience of podcast subscribers and YouTube viewers.

Gold Strike Released As Free Game In the New Mac App Store

Jan 10, 2011 - Gold Strike, a game with a long history as a Flash-based web game, downloadable PC game, mobile phone game and iOS game was in the Mac App Store on launch day. CleverMedia, Inc. decided to release the game for free as a salute to the Mac platform. Developer Gary Rosenzweig said that the game has done well over the years, but he felt he wanted to do something special for the Mac App Store launch.

Just Mah Jongg Solitaire Comes to the iPhone

Dec 24, 2010 - Following the success of the Just Solitaire iOS apps, the new Just Mah Jongg Solitaire brings another one of CleverMedia's games to the iPhone. The new game is a matching tiles puzzle where players find and remove pairs of tiles. Just Mah Jongg Solitaire started as the game Nile Tiles on CleverMedia's game sites in 1999. That early version used egyptian hieroglyphic symbols rather than traditional Mah Jongg symbols.

Free Games 2 App Includes 12 Games In One

Dec 23, 2010 - iPhone and iPod touch users can get a collection of 12 games in a single app. The Free Games 2 app has small casual games that can be played even when the user is not connected to a network. Free Games 2 is a sequel to the original Free Games app, which featured games that could be played online. The games have been redesigned, enhanced with new features and the online requirement is gone.

Build a Snowman on Your iPhone

Dec 11, 2010 - No need to wait for the first snowfall to build you own snowman. You can now do it with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The Snowman Construction Kit lets you create a snowman picture using dozens of parts in a simple, fun mobile app. CleverMedia, Inc. created the web's original Snowman Construction Kit back in 1997. It has been updated over the years with new graphics and features. Kids and adults can build and share snow creations. Now it has arrived on the iPhone with an app version.

First Just Solitaire iPhone Game Hits the App Store

Oct 13, 2010 - Colorado based CleverMedia has released Just Solitaire: Klondike 1.1, their free solitaire game for iOS. Just Solitaire: Klondike is the first iPhone app to come from CleverMedia's Just Solitaire web site. Just Solitaire: Klondike offers the same advanced gameplay options as apps you need to purchase. You can select 1, 3 or unlimited deals; 1 or 3 card flips from the stock, and a variety of options such as auto-play, hints, statistics, different backgrounds and scoring methods.

Solitaire Game Site Re-Launches with HTML5

Jun 21, 2010 - The popular Just Solitaire site has relaunched this week with entirely new versions of all 26 solitaire games featured at the site. The games, such as Klondike, Spider, Russian, Canfield, Pyramid, Yukon and Freecell, are the same as before, but with new technology behind them. Players no longer need the Shockwave and Flash browser plug-ins. Instead, the new games use technology like JavaScript and HTML5.