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'David Haye's Knockout' Enters Trash-Talk Territory

Jun 03, 2012 - Grubby Hands' release 'David Haye's Knockout' proves to be the perfect iPhone, iPod touch and iPad game to goad any opponent Haye sets to hound. Having worn a T-shirt depicting Haye holding the decapitated, bloody heads of the heavyweight Klitschko brothers, he has demonstrated that he will not hold back when it comes to getting under his competitors' skin & 'David Haye's Knockout' is no different. Haye consistently jibes his rivals and even uses secret weapons to defeat and destroy his enemies.

David Haye's Knockout Topples Angry Birds and Tops the Charts

May 27, 2012 - Within a week of releasing 'David Haye's Knockout', Grubby Hands Ltd is proud to announce that their redesigned and re-released iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game has smashed up the App Store and risen to number one! This time around, Haye shows no remorse as he throws rapidly skillful combinations and a barrage of taunts to goad and overwhelm his foes and he even unveils a secret weapon when his opponents are almost out for the count!

Happy 1st Birthday Grubby Hands

May 17, 2012 - Independent Games Company Grubby Hands happily celebrate their 1st Anniversary! Having released chart-topping 'David Haye's Knockout' and much-loved 'Boy Loves Girl', Grubby Hands has lots to toast as Wednesday 16th May 2012 marks their 1st Happy Birthday! Kick-starting their first year with two distinctively different and refreshingly rare games, Grubby Hands are all geared up to begin their new year with continued grit, gusto and innovative games.

Boy Loves Girl LITE in the App Store Now

Mar 25, 2012 - Grubby Hands introduces Boy Loves Girl LITE 1.0, for iOS devices. The best things in life are free and that includes Grubby Hands' brand new 'Boy Loves Girl LITE', available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and in the App Store now. you will experience the first 13 levels of 'Boy Loves Girl' for free! You must help Boy, the love-struck sweetheart, find all the cutest creatures in the world to satisfy Girl's demands and win her love. Carry the moon on a string in your chivalrous pursuit.

The World Wants Girl's Love in 'Boy Loves Girl', in the App Store now

Mar 13, 2012 - Grubby Hands announces updated Boy Loves Girl, for iOS devices. Now you can compete in a global leader board to prove to your mum and the world that you are the best lover on the planet. The new shiny leader board is ranked by the highest number of smiles collected in a level, so you are not only challenged to master the tricks for earning smiles, but you also have to explore the worlds to find the most fruitful levels.

Love is in the Games Center air with - Boy Loves Girl

Feb 18, 2012 - Grubby Hands announces the new and updated Boy Loves Girl 1.4 enters the Games Center with lots of love. The ultimate amorous game that sets hearts racing and love-birds singing is available in the App Store now on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Players are now romantically rewarded with Game Center achievements and can compare and share their pretty progress online with friends and loved-ones. Complete over 50 lovely levels and finish more than 100 fascinating challenges.

Boy Loves Girl - a Beautiful Game for Valentine's Day

Feb 02, 2012 - Grubby Hands announces Boy Loves Girl 1.2, the perfectly pretty, pulse-pumping game this Valentine's Day, available on iOS devices. The new and updated 'Boy Loves Girl' has lots of gorgeous features. It's now stunningly attractive with Retina graphics and looking even more colourful and crisp. The image quality on all devices has been improved, making the new romantic experience available to all. It will win hearts, captivate minds and take players on the ultimate journey of love!

Boy Loves Girl 1.1 - It's the Perfect iPhone Game this Valentine's Day

Jan 14, 2012 - UK based Grubby Hands announces Boy Loves Girl 1.1, an update to their gaming title for iOS devices. Unhappy with the myth that a woman is never happy, Boy embarks on an epic adventure across vast lands in search for the ultimate gift to express his love for the girl he adores. Travel seven wonderfully wicked worlds, complete over 50 lovely levels, crack more than 100 cheeky challenges, earn lots of beautiful bonuses and collect millions of smiles. Version 1.1 features lots of new surprises.

Boy Loves Girl - Brings Lots of Love to the AppStore

Dec 24, 2011 - Grubby Hands introduces Boy Loves Girl 1.0 for iOS devices, which follows a young boy's journey as he encounters one of life's greatest mysteries... how to please a woman. Unhappy with the myth that a woman is never happy, Boy embarks on an epic adventure across vast lands in search for the ultimate gift to express his love for the girl he adores. It's the greatest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game of love and is available to buy in the AppStore now.