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HuLeTS iPhone Game- Pirates Vs Faustus- Out Now

Apr 06, 2012 - HuLeTS (Human Leap Through Software) launches Faustus VS Pirates 1.0, its first action packed arcade style game for iPhone and iPod. Faustus VS Pirates is an action game that lets users take control of the hero of this game, Faustus to fight against the evil pirates. The scene is set on the pirate ship, The Night Fury where the game characters appear. The primary objective of this game is to hit the pirates, save the innocent hostages and avoid tapping on the deadly creatures.

Lets Go Out Gets Critical Update

Feb 28, 2012 - HuLeTS launches an updated version of LetsGoOut - with additional new features and functionalities. The all new vicinity bar lets users connect with people near or far, all determined by the range set by the user and this eventually leads the world to become a user's neighborhood. Apart from efficient multi-task support, it comes with an opportunity to diminish distances, and communicate with them in the most natural manner. Socialize on the go; the app provides with efficient connectivity.

HuLeTS Launches Lets Speak Out - Your Words Got the Deserved Attention

Feb 05, 2012 - HuLeTS (Human Leap Through Software) launches LetsSpeakOut 1.0, a free social networking app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A chance for each and every one to get their word out and speak up about what they think. Your news and facts now gets the deserved attention it requires to get the word out. No ugly advertisements to deal with, it is words that should have mattered and this is exactly what you get from Lets Speak Out. The app creates a lively world for users to experience.

'Lets Draw Lines'- Time To Have Some Fun On The Board

Jan 24, 2012 - HuLeTS introduces LetsDrawLines 1.0 for iOS devices. LetsDrawLines transforms the dull and dry school classes into exciting and challenging puzzle game. The user controls the chalk with the objective of maneuvering it through various smartly placed check marks. The app is released in both the free version and paid version to play with. With the ability to play solo or multiplayer with your friends, LetsDrawLines is a must have for all gamers out there.

HuLeTS Launches-Lets Save Money - Your Smart Expense Manager

Dec 25, 2011 - HuLeTS introduces LetsSaveMoney, a smart expense manager, which helps you to save more money regularly with just few taps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It enables you to plan better; showing you a clear picture of your expenses and income. This App allows you to enter your expenses while on the move. The complete App comes with no additional cost; buy it once and manage forever. Interactive interface comes with the colored budget bar, which travels between red and green to indicate your budget.

HuLeTS Launches-Lets Go Out - Networking Just Got Natural

Dec 25, 2011 - HuLeTS introduces LetsGoOut 1.0, a must buy app for social networking, and the concept uses your iOS device to find new friends, who are there in your vicinity. All features come without any additional costs. It uses device Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect you to surrounding people. If you're alone, in need of finding some company, or like to hang-out with new people any time, then this app should be on your first downloading priority.