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SixtyFour App - Boost your old Mac's performance

Oct 01, 2014 - 1951FDG released a new version of SixtyFour, a unique memory optimizer for Mac OS X. SixtyFour 1.2.0 is one of those rare Mac apps that helps Mac users keep their older Macs running longer, but running better, even when today's apps are 64-bit and require much more RAM than Macs of just a few years ago. SixtyFour is the ideal app for users who intend to run more apps at the same time, and, at the same time, wish to maintain system performance.

SixtyFour App - Reduce memory overhead by opening apps in 32-bit mode

Jan 20, 2012 - 1951FDG today releases SixtyFour 1.0, its new memory optimizer for Mac OS X. SixtyFour was specifically created to force 64-bit apps to open in 32-bit mode for G5-based and 64-bit-capable Intel hardware. It lists apps that will open in 64-bit mode by default and facilitates the changing of a preference to force the apps to open in 32-bit mode. Forcing a 64-bit app to open in 32-bit mode reduces its memory usage significantly and its startup time and an increase in overall system performance.