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Spinapse Launches Sparker: the Next Step in the Evolution of Social Apps

Jan 08, 2015 - California based Spinapse, Inc. introduces Sparker - The Game of Games, a new social game platform for iOS devices. Sparker includes thousands of challenges; word games, photo puzzles, trivia questions, maze games, name-that-tune, and more. Each challenge is easy to learn and takes less than 60 seconds to play. You can even create personalized challenges with your own photos and questions. There's no limit to the number of custom challenges that you can create using your camera and keyboard.

PianoHead Goes Mobile - Learn to Read Music Anytime, Anywhere

Sep 13, 2011 - California based Spinapse has released PianoHead 1.1 for the iPhone and iPad. This popular program has helped thousands of students learn to read music using a game-like format. PianoHead targets four critical skills that require repetition and practice. It's designed to build automaticity for note recognition, scales, intervals and key signatures. Using a clean interface with simple, consistent navigation, players can easily work on specific areas of choice and measure their own progress.

Spinapse releases Avatrivia 1.0 - New Trivia Game for fans of Avatar

Feb 01, 2010 - California based Spinapse today announces Avatrivia 1.0, a new iPhone game that combines worldwide competition with trivia from Avatar. Set in a jungle environment, Avatrivia features compelling game play, fresh trivia, and beautiful graphics that enhance the experience. Three different scoreboards give players multiple opportunities to compete with friends and other players around the world. And different profile settings allow up to 5 friends to share the same copy of the game.

Spinapse Releases PixPop: America's National Parks - New iPhone Game

Sep 22, 2009 - Spinapse today announced PixPop: America's National Parks 1.0, the latest addition to the PixPop series of iPhone apps. This new game celebrates the beauty and diversity of America's National Parks. PixPop: America's National Parks features a tap-and-pop interface that appeals to players who like matching games, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects, and other visually engaging games. It includes beautiful images of National Parks from Yellowstone to the Smoky Mountains to Danali to American Samoa.

Amazing Facts Get Competitive in New iPhone Trivia Game: Way No Way

Sep 16, 2009 - California based Spinapse today announced Way No Way 1.0.1, a new iPhone game that combines amazing facts with worldwide competition. Players flick a juicy-looking spinner for points, then take a shot at judging the truthfulness of an amazing fact. Way, or No Way! The trivia is fresh and entertaining, and the game includes compelling features for high-score fanatics. As players answer more questions correctly, the spinner ramps up to match their success.

PixPop released - iPhone Picture Puzzle for Perfecting Your Perception

Jun 22, 2009 - Spinapse today announces PixPop, a new series with four games designed for different interests; Dogs, Art, Extreme Sports, and Around the World. PixPop's tap-and-pop interface is a natural fit for the iPhone and will appeal to players who like matching games, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects, and other visually engaging games. Additional games in the series are under development, and a free version will be released soon.

Spinapse releases Diffle 1.1 - Fast-Paced Un-Matching Game for iPhone

Apr 13, 2009 - Spinapse today announce Diffle 1.1, their fast-paced un-matching game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Diffle gameboard has 9 tokens. Players choose 3 tokens that are most different from each other. Time gets tighter as players make their way through the levels, and the pressure is on. Diffle's tips section includes hints for strategies to increase your score. The Worldwide Scoreboard lists the top players of the day, as well as the top players of all time.

Spinapse releases Smackarooni 1.0 - Virtual Snowball Fight for iPhone

Apr 10, 2009 - Spinapse today announce Smackarooni 1.0, their action game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Smackarooni is full of in-your-face action for players to load, throw and dodge their way through a virtual snowball fight. The object of the game is to hit your opponent with a snowball, without getting hit yourself. Players score a point for each hit. The game can be played alone in single-player mode or against a friend in Wi-Fi mode.