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Only Two Weeks the Price for T-Musical Will Be on Sale

Jan 16, 2012 - T-Short announces T-Musical application for iOS devices. T-Musical features 50 minutes compilation of musical films, musical fantasies & music videos. From Classical music to Satiric Chanson. From Hip-Hop to Rock. From Country music to Japanese folk. From Tango to Brit Pop. From Instrumental music to Electronic. T-Short is a unique project for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which includes highly professional animated films from all over the world featuring different genres and animation techniques.

T-All in One - Collection of the Best Festival Animated Short films

Jan 11, 2012 - T-Short project today announces T-All in One 1.0.1, part of their free entertainment series for iOS devices. T-All in One features a one hour compilation of 12 animated short films of comedy, black humor, drama, melodrama, tragedy, romantic, tales, crime, horrors, musical, abstract-surrealistic and experimental films - presenting one film of all T-Short applications. You can collect your own collection of the best animated shorts of the highest quality possible to watch even without Internet.