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Powerful calculator programmable in BASIC

Sep 07, 2012 - Independent developer Gary Chiert has announced TapBASIC 2.3 for iOS, a programmable calculator in BASIC. Now you can solve all of your math problems or code for fun while commuting, waiting in line or in any other spare moment. BASIC is a widely used, easy to learn and understand programming language. TapBASIC features a broad range of maths functions and access to date and time variables, including FOR/NEXT, PRINT, INPUT, WHILE/WEND, IF/ENDIF, CALL, CLS, DIM, REM and more.

Unmatched iPhone Gold and Silver App includes Key Industry Calculators

Jan 11, 2012 - Sydney based independent developer, Gary Chiert introduces Karats and Coins 1.0, his comprehensive gold and silver precious metals calculator for iOS devices. Karats and Coins covers both up to the minute spot prices and key industry calculators. The application can convert weights in both troy and avoirdupois measures, with the conversion of a given face value of silver coins into price at various currencies and spot prices and more. Gold and silver trend charts for up to ten years.