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Fueled App Developers Produce JackThreads Mobile App for Fashion Deal

Jan 20, 2012 - Fueled, a New York-based smartphone apps development company, is proud to announce the release of the first mobile apps for JackThreads, the Thrillist-owned members-only online shopping club. The app provides users all the functionality of, where shoppers can browse deals released at noon each day - at up to 80% off. The app has quickly earned praise for its high design and flawless functionality, which, collectively, are poised to redefine the growing mobile retail space.

Fueled iPhone App Developers Build an App for Choosing Your Task Master

Jan 19, 2012 - The iPhone app developers at Fueled are proud to announce the launch of their latest iPhone and iPad app, Not It. Not It was created to make group decisions for you. Using multi-touch technology, Not It invites users and their friends to each place a finger on the iPhone or iPad screen and watch rotating dials surround each; following a three second countdown, the app will highlight participants at random, before finally settling on one - followed by a highly visual, colorful climax.

Design and Development Agency Fueled Produces Twitter App for Charity

Jan 18, 2012 - Charity Swearbox, created by NYC-based iPhone design and development agency Fueled, is a donation-based site that provides Twitter users with a venue to right their wrongs. Charity Swearbox will scan past Tweets for bad words and provide you with a suggested donation. At no obligation, select the amount you wish to give - suggestions are based on 10-cents per word - and choose a charity. Voila! Off your money goes. Charity Swearbox is a duty-free experience, and users can interact as they wish.