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Mc Egg - Tap, Jump and try to Survive

Mar 14, 2014 - Rahmenfutter today introduces Mc Egg 1.0, their latest and highly addictive mobile game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Mc Egg, the cute and friendly egg is on his journey down the hill. But unfortunately he is no tough cookie, he is a fragile egg and will die immediately if he collides with the vicious triangle, square or circle. Tap the screen to make Mc Egg jump and try not to hit any obstacle. A Game Center leaderboard is included to compete with other Mc Egg enthusiasts worldwide.

The new Quiz about Movie and TV Heroes is available for iOS devices

Mar 11, 2013 - Rahmenfutter announces Film Hero 1.1, their latest app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Film Hero is a simple but super addictive quiz game that proves your knowledge about movie and TV characters. Players have to identify a movie title by the name of the main characters. Featuring two modes of gameplay, players can choose between multiple choice or keyboard entry in three different categories. Earn points, stars and coins for every correct answer. Share your results via Game Center.