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A Unique Tool To Create Location Based Apps by an Unusual Team

Apr 28, 2016 - Journey Interactive, Inc. today introduces Journey Creator 1.0, an iOS app that allows almost anyone to create their own location-based App. Whether you are a small city, a chamber of commerce, an architect, or a service company that wants to keep track of their regular customers, Journey Creator is perfect for them. Once a user enters information, he or she can send it the Journey Interactive and for a very affordable fee: we will take the customers data and publish a custom App.

Teacher-Helper 1.0.1 Free for iOS - Multi-Function App for All Teachers

Jul 23, 2013 - MultiEducator today introduces Teacher-Helper 1.0.1 for iOS, its free multi-function app for teachers that takes a colorful, graphical approach to class rosters, schedules, grades and notes. Choosing any of their classes from the chalkboard opening screen reveals its full-screen bulletin board. Color-coded file tabs offer instant access to Attendance, Participation, Assignments, Student List, and Notes & Emails. The app allows teachers to select how much each grade counts toward the final grade.

American History: From the Explorers Through the Civil War 1.0 for iOS

Mar 20, 2013 - MultiEducator today introduces American History: From the Explorers Through the Civil War 1.0 for iOS, its latest multimedia reference app, which combines much of the content of six previously released apps: Explorers, 13 Colonies, Revolutionary War, New Nation, Antebellum America, and Civil War. Nearly 2 GB in size, the completely offline app includes 130 video presentations, 250 documents, hundreds of photographs, 200+ biographies of key historical figures, and information on each major event.

EXPLORERS for iOS: Multimedia Stories of the Exploration of the Americas

Nov 01, 2012 - MultiEducator today announces EXPLORERS: The Story of Exploration of the Americas, From Before Columbus to Cartier 1.01 for iOS, the latest app in their History On the Go series. The educational app presents the stories of 16 Explorers of North and South America, providing engaging resources about each, including: Summary, Maps, In-Depth Article, Multimedia Presentation, Biography, and Historical Documents. These are perfect study companions for standard, statewide, history curriculum modules.

American Presidential Elections: From Washington to Obama - App or eBook

Jul 10, 2012 - MultiEducator today announces American Presidential Elections: From Washington to Obama 1.1 for iOS, an update to their Reference app that is also available as an eBook. Featuring comprehensive coverage of all 56 presidential elections, the app includes 400+ photos and illustrations, 20 historic video clips, the upcoming presidential election of 2012, and overviews of the issues and events of every election in U.S. history, including charts of popular votes, electoral votes, and states carried.

Civics 101 - We the People - Multimedia Reference on U.S. Government

Dec 09, 2011 - MultiEducator today introduces Civics 101 - We the People 1.0 for iOS, the newest addition to their "History on the Go" series of multimedia reference apps. Civics 101 is comprised of 12 different topics, each including sub-topics that feature a variety of articles, pictures, and multimedia presentations. An ideal primer on the many facets of the U.S. government, the app also has: a content search function, a glossary of terms, page summaries, integrated print options, and a favorites library.

Learn about the Revolutionary War on the iPhone and iPad

Jun 29, 2011 - MultiEducator announces the release of Revolutionary War 1.1 for iOS, the latest in the History on the Go series. This incredibly educational and engaging mobile program makes use of the newest iPad technology to bring the historic events alive for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. The program covers a variety of topics all accessible by simple to use touch menu screens. Major battles and events of the war are covered in depth with text, drawings, paintings and maps.

JFK for Kids / iOS or OS X - Multimedia Biography of JFK for Grades 3-5

May 17, 2011 - MultiEducator today introduces JFK for Kids 1.0 for iOS or OS X, their multimedia biography of JFK 51 years after taking office, designed especially for kids in grades 3 - 5. Featuring 14 chapters, there are 100 high-resolution photographs, a 3-minute video summary, 12 archival video clips, audio clips, and a historical timeline. The reference app is fully searchable, and reveals in fascinating detail the upbringing, education, personal life, and public service of America's 34th President.

JFK Historymaker 1.0 for iOS - Encyclopedic, Multimedia Biography of JFK

Dec 28, 2010 - MultiEducator today introduces JFK Historymaker 1.0 for iOS, their encyclopedic, multimedia biography of JFK 50 years after taking office. Featuring 36 chronologically ordered chapters, there are 250 high resolution photographs, the full text of over 200 speeches, more than 60 pages of biographical information, and over 35 video clips. The reference app is fully searchable, and reveals in fascinating detail the upbringing, education, personal life, and public service of America's 34th President.