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HTT Studio Releases FD-HIDE 1.0

Dec 07, 2012 - HTT Studio is proud to announce the launch of their privacy protecting app for iPhone. With FD-Hide 1.0, users can easily create, organize and hide secret folders, photos and videos. All files are secretly stored in the App. Any access attempt is secretly captured by the front camera and the app shows the GPS location of break-in attempts. Users may create and customize an unlimited number of folders.

HTT Studio Releases Hidden Calculator Pro 1.0

Jan 21, 2012 - HTT Studio introduces Hidden Calculator Pro 1.0, where users can protect their data privacy on their iOS device. Private photos, videos and documents are viewed in albums format so that users could manage their private data easily. It acts like a normal calculator - users could their hide private pictures/ videos/ documents in the hidden safe behind a working calculator. Simply type the secret number combination into the calculator to reveal the secret files.