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Biggy Orbs 1.0 for iOS: Strategize Placement of Falling Spheres with R/C

Aug 28, 2012 - Dejan Petrovski today introduces Biggy Orbs 1.0 for iOS, a form of the popular match-three game concept. The game consists of a single player mode usable on any iDevice, as well as a local multiplayer mode where 1-4 players use their iPhone or iPod touch as game controllers to play the game on iPad's brilliant display. Players group three or more identical orbs as they fall down. Once aligned, the orbs disappear. The object of the game is to continue in this fashion for as long as possible.

Free Version of the Pico Spend Expense Tracker for iOS Available

Feb 28, 2012 - Indie Developer Dejan Petrovski today announces Pico Spend Lite - Expense Tracker 1.10, his free finance app for iOS devices. Packed with all great features of its paid counterpart, Pico Spend Lite offers to app shoppers an opportunity to see why it stands out from the competition and decide if this solution is tailored to their needs for expense tracking. Pico Spend Lite offers a fast, calculator style input, customizable expense categories plus reports and analysis.

Pico Spend - Expense Tracker 1.10 for iOS - Fast, Calculator Style Input

Feb 10, 2012 - Indie Developer Dejan Petrovski today announces Pico Spend - Expense Tracker 1.10 for iOS, an update to his Finance app that offers a fast, calculator style input plus reports and analysis. Designed to provide the utmost in speed and convenience, the app features customizable expense categories, accessible from a scrolling choice of buttons. With easy to understand screens for Entry, Editing, Reports, and Comparison Reports, Pico Spend blends high-speed operation with powerful offline functions.