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Bzya introduces Rain Secrets 1.0 for iOS - Tranquil Puzzle Game

Mar 20, 2012 - Bzya today introduces Rain Secrets 1.0 for iOS. Watch as large drops of rain fall from the sky onto a field of grass and pink flowers in this beautiful, tranquil puzzle game. You are given 12 kinds of water drops, with the shape and contour of a certain puddle. Your goal is to put all the drops into this puddle. Drops can be rotated, it is done by double click. Pinch-to-zoom and move drops by fingers. Helpful tips are featured throughout gameplay to assist the player in solving each puzzle.

Sleeepy Sheepy for iOS

Jan 23, 2012 - Bzya introduces Sleepy Sheepy 1.0 for iOS devices. Sleepy Sheepy will help you to relax. White sheep jumping over a Christmas tree, while counting them you will relax and fall asleep. Sleepy Sheepy is a colorful, interactive lullaby. Against the backdrop of beautiful nature jumps happy sleeping lamb with good classic music. You can touch it and Sheepy answer you. Don't worry about turning off your devices! Sleepy Sheepy turn off music after 15 minutes automatically.