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First Self-Adapting Keyboard with more options - TypeWay Price Discount

Apr 12, 2012 - TypeWay makes use of iPad's multi-touch capabilities, and adapts the virtual keyboard to individual hands and typing habits to ease 10-finger typing. Version 1.2 offers a quasi-full keyboard with many special signs via the Alt/Opt-key and new options. Version 1.2 has a quasi-full keyboard with almost all usual special signs via the Alt/Opt-key, what makes typing on the iPad comfortable. It uses the multi-touch-screen optimal by adapting to different hand sizes, and shifting positions.

First Self-Adapting Keyboard - TypeWay For iPad

Jan 31, 2012 - Typing with 10 fingers is faster and more comfortable by a self adapting key configuration: TypeWay continuously adapts the virtual keyboard to individual hands, hand sizes, hand positions, and typing habits. That supports fast touch-typing for note taking and the flow of thinking and writing, as in education, business, or journalism. The innovative App makes use of iPad's multi-touch capabilities. For typing with all ten fingers this utility app is an innovation.