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Gua-Le-Ni - the Horrendous Parade got even more beastly

Jun 04, 2012 - Double Jungle announces a new game mode completes Gua-Le-Ni. Now featuring even human body parts. This new part is titled 'Poetry' and it offers a different use for the game's original gameplay. Instead of challenging the players to optimize their performance and dexterity under the pressure of an ever accelerating parade of beasts, the 'Poetry mode' focuses on memory, creativity and relaxation. It also features better tutorials, smoother and clearer gameplay, two new achievements and more.

Gua-Le-Ni - An Action Puzzle Videogame - Available On The AppStore

Feb 03, 2012 - Double Jungle announces Gua-Le-Ni v1.1.5, an innovative action-puzzle videogame with a philosophical twist! Taking inspiration from an essay of David Hume's the game prompts the player categorize and feed an odd series of combinatorial beasts that will walk their ways across the screen. This can be achieved by twisting, moving and rearranging toy-blocks to form the correct "name" of the animals. Some animals prefer fruits, some meat and it's up to you to feed them the right food.