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Godspeed Commander Touches Down on iOS and Android

Apr 30, 2015 - Nah-Meen Studios today introduces Godspeed Commander 1.0, their new game title for iOS & Android devices. With intense, real time, cross-platform combat, Godspeed Commander places players in control of their destiny as they customize spaceships, select weapons, hire crew and battle with friends or strangers across the galaxy. The game creates its signature multiplayer experience with inspiration from Sci-Fi, Action & Strategy genres & combat rooted in the platform's successful Match-3 mechanic.

Trial By Survival version 1.10 update with new features and content

Sep 24, 2013 - Nah-Meen Studios today announces Trial By Survival 1.10, an update to their popular game title for iOS devices. Trial By Survival is a beautifully drawn post apocalyptic action RPG with roguelike and strategy elements. Players will have to find food within the ruins of the wasteland to use for traveling the world map. The update brings exciting new features including a food mechanic and night time searching to Survival Mode. More weapons have also been added to the player's arsenal.

Trial By Survival: How will you survive?

Aug 08, 2013 - Nah-Meen Studios is proud to present Trial By Survival, a beautifully drawn post apocalyptic action RPG with roguelike and strategy elements. Trial By Survival is the second release by Nah-Meen Studios to the iOS platform. The player's character has been accused of unspeakable crimes and banished to the wasteland to prove their innocence. The player writes the rest of their survival story using game mechanics like character perks, weapon building/leveling, companionship & real world scavenging.

Price Drop: Meowch! available for 50% off for a limited time

Feb 17, 2012 - Nah-Meen Studios today announced that its game, Meowch! will be available on sale for a limited time. Guide 3 runaway cats to freedom, navigating them through each level using satellite dishes, gutters, ledges and numerous other objects. Players need to collect missing cat posters while avoiding the cat lady and animal control as they pass through the suburbs on their way down town. Meowch! offers fun game play and simple objectives making it easily accessible and hard to put down.

Meowch! from Nah-Meen Studios is a fresh adventure game for all

Feb 13, 2012 - Nah-Meen Studios today introduces Meowch!, its debut casual adventure gaming title for iOS. Perfect for ages 9 and up, Meowch! is challenging and appealing to a variety of players. Be quick like a cat with your fingers as you escape the clutches of the cat lady. Casual gamers will enjoy flopping a cat through all 36 levels by bouncing off satellite dishes and sliding down gutters. Competitive gamers can collect achievements & compete on the leader board for the top spot with Game Center support.