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MagicFrogPad 2Plus Released: Using the Apple MagicTrackpad as a keyboard

Apr 17, 2012 - MagicFrogPad allows for the brilliant Apple Magic Trackpad functions to be integrated to become a one handed keyboard. Since its inception, the FrogPad, inherently a one-handed keyboard interface designed to make mobile easier, is squarely focused on the mobility space. Its unique keyboard design takes less space, and requires only one handed use. Globally, FrogPad has been critically acclaimed, and is considered a most successful alternative user interface for all languages and character sets.

Transforming Apple Magic Trackpad, Voila - Magic FrogPad Keyboard/Mouse

Feb 09, 2012 - Magic FrogPad is a One handed keyboard, either left handed or right handed. Try it. Talk about it. Challenge it. And tell us what you think," says Marroquin. We offer an Apple Magic Trackpad as our Gift. FrogPad is transforming the way you think about interacting with your latest Multi Touch technologies. FrogPad's one handed user interface is easy to use, lets mobile workers be more flexible, and improves efficiencies and safety in many environments.