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Kinetic Defender - AirScreen Motion Tracking for iOS

May 03, 2013 - Diwit today introduces Kinetic Defender 1.1 for iOS, its new first person shooter in space for 1-4 players, employing its revolutionary AirScreen motion recognition technology instead of conventional touch or tilt controls. The front-facing camera of the iDevice follows the movement of the player's palm, 1-10 feet from the screen. The onscreen weapons reticle/targeting window follows the movement of the user's hand, destroying incoming meteors and missiles, and the app is AirPlay compatible.

Amaz!ng Cars Free - Interactive Kids Book for Learning Alphabet + Colors

Apr 18, 2013 - twomstudio today announces Amaz!ng Cars 1.1.2 Free, an update to its successful education app, where kids 2-6 can learn about eight different types of cars and trucks. In a world of "kid friendly" apps, Amaz!ng Cars goes a step further, capturing the wonder and enthusiasm of an actual kid at play. Featuring the extraordinary voice of a young male narrator, it is easy to imagine him as an energetic young boy living in Iowa, earnestly inviting kids to join him in fun, discovery, and learning.

Smobile for Craigslist - Free iOS App Makes Craigslist Easy, Enjoyable

Apr 16, 2013 - Smobile Factory today announces Smobile Free for Craigslist 2.1, an update to its Craigslist client that offers superior viewing, searching, filtering, and posting, plus integration with iOS email/SMS/Phone for responding to posters or forwarding info to friends. While the free listing service is ranked eighth among all U.S. sites in daily traffic, it is not admired for its navigability from mobile devices. Smobile Free automatically reformats the website for unsurpassed usability on iDevices.

iTrading 1.9 Free for iOS: Free + Pay-As-You-Go Market Signals Biweekly

Apr 08, 2013 - Indie developer Alessandro Moretti today announces iTrading 1.9 free for iOS, an update to his finance app that makes trading quick and simple with free and pay-as-you-go market signals released once per week on Saturdays. For the year 2013, the app's signals performed as follows: USA +359%, UK +28%, Germany +81%, France +73%, Italy +117%, Indices +52%. The iTrading trading system combines computer and human analysis, sends several signals per market weekly, and requires no subscription.

Tarot of Love for iOS - Tarot Card Predictions with Focus on Love Life

Dec 31, 2012 - Sui today announces Tarot of Love 1.2 for iOS, its entertainment app that offers authentic Tarot Card predictions about the user's love life. Focusing mostly on love, Tarot of Love allows users to choose between Daily Tarot and Love Tarot predictions. Beautiful backgrounds and detailed Tarot cards bring a sense of reality to each fortune. The user-friendly design provides step-by-step instructions in three languages, and allows users to shuffle and cut the deck, as well as select cards by hand.

Lets Bowl 2: Bowling with Friends for iOS

Dec 18, 2012 - Let's Bowl 2 is one of the best free bowling games around, featuring simple and precise controls that are fun and easy to learn. Players earn bowling bucks for every point they score and every strike or spare they make, then use them to buy stuff in the ProShop, including 9 different alleys, and 34 different balls; all with their own unique attributes and weight for scoring. New features include online multiplayer, Single device mode, weight dynamics, Stat Screen, and a brand new interface.

Jack's Secret Monster iPad: Choose the Story Line in Interactive Book

Sep 14, 2012 - GameDigits today introduces Jack's Secret Monster 1.0 for iPad, their interactive book for kids, which allows them to alter the direction of the story by controlling the choices made by the characters at key points through the narrative. More than a way of enhancing the app's reusability, the book's structure is itself an example of the linkage between actions and consequences. Faced with a series of choices with moral implications, kids can learn about the effects of truthfulness and lying.

Phoenix Bird 1.0 Free for iOS - 3D Flying Game with 70 Levels of Play

Sep 04, 2012 - Imagination Apps today introduces Phoenix Bird 1.0 free for iOS, their flying game where players guide a glorious Phoenix as he soars through rings in the sky, collecting jewels & power-ups, and surveying great monuments below. Reminiscent of the giant flying bird in the blockbuster film, Avatar, the game allows players to guide their Phoenix over 7 photorealistic, 3D worlds including the Taj Mahal in India, Westminster Palace in England, The Colosseum in Italy, and New York's Statue of Liberty.

Nest Egg - Inventory 3.8 for iOS: Home Inventory Management with Alerts

Aug 06, 2012 - Winprogger LLC today announces Nest Egg - Inventory 3.8 for iOS, an update to their home inventory app that provides users with a database of possessions in their homes. Featuring barcode scanning for effortless input, this app allows organization of inventory records, warranty tracking, online price checks, and much more. The update to this application features support for lending and borrowing of items, product expiration tracking, batch editing, and user interface enhancements.