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A Mudskipper Rises From The Grave In Desperate Attempt To Save Mate

Jun 06, 2013 - Edible Entertainment introduces Skippy: The Mudskipper 1.02, a free to play iOS game where the player must fire a Mudskipper out of a super powered tennis ball machine across a playfield filled with floating spiked balls, flaming hoops and other deadly obstacles. The player helps Skippy avoid death by using guns and a sword to shoot him away from danger. Players earn Skippy Cash with each try that they can use to unlock fishy superpowers in this fun and addictive iOS title.

Flesh Eating Pigs Defend Farm While Gun Powder Filled Chickens Explode

Feb 09, 2012 - Edible Entertainment introduces Farmkill 1.02, a free to play iOS game where the player must defend a small farmhouse from massive hordes of zombies that attack every night. As the player progresses they will be able to unlock a variety of new weapons and defense items from Geezer's Survivables, Farmkill's in game store. During the day the player must place defenses, purchase weapons, and plan a strategy. When night falls, will their shooting skills be enough to survive?