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TINP - Multiplayer Arcade Game for the Apple TV

Nov 29, 2015 - Independent developer, Davide Di Stefano announces the release of TINP on the Apple TV App Store. TINP is a throwback to old arcade games but with modern twists. The game is designed to be played from the couch with friends. The gameplay is simple: paddles compete with each other by trying to put the bouncing ball into the adversary's net and the first player that scores 5 points wins. In each match, the ball slowly accelerates and the game becomes more frenetic until a point is scored.

Return srl releases Tabs 1.1 - Tabbed Browsing for iPad and iPhone

May 29, 2010 - Return srl has announced Tabs 1.1, a tabbed browser for iPad and iPhone devices. Tabs aims to bring desktop features of web browsers to the iPad and the iPhone: Multi-tasking through pages and full page search. With Tabs users finally have a fast way to quickly and conveniently switch through a lot of web pages. An update with full screen browsing and rotation lock for iPhone is coming soon.