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New Apple TV Game Yeti Pie Now Available

Nov 02, 2015 - Independent iOS Developer, Joe Macirowski introduces Yeti Pie, his new game title developed for Apple TV. Ever wonder what happens after those pesky Yetis steal your pizza? Follow the pizza's journey through the forest via the yetis, through changing seasons and weather. Play by yourself to relax, or sign in to Game Center and out-pie your friends. Just don't drop it! Featuring thousands of unique levels, the game offers Game Center support and a competitive leaderboard.

Boardroom for iOS - Cross Platform Realtime Voting

Apr 12, 2013 - Indie developer Joe Macirowski introduces Boardroom 1.0 for iOS. People would think by now voting would be mastered but it hasn't. A show of hands doesn't work with a large audience. Clickers are expensive. Using paper is cumbersome. Until now, there wasn't an app for that. As soon as Boardroom is launched on an iPhone or iPad, the polls are open. All participants open a browser on any device on the same WiFi network and type in the address and a graph starts updating with results in realtime.

iDecorate Free for iOS: Create Original Art Arranging Stamps Backgrounds

Aug 28, 2012 - Developer Joe Macirowski today announces iDecorate 3.2 free for iOS, an update to his app that lets users create original scenes of nature, wildlife, outer space, and more. The app includes 44 Hi-Res, computer generated, background environments rendered in 3D, plus more than 600 photorealistic objects/stamps, which can be placed in any scene. Users control selection, placement, number, layering, size, and mirroring of stamps, arranging elements to create art that is Retina display compatible.

Normalize for iOS - Finally, a way to get rid of photo filters

Aug 17, 2012 - Independent developer, Joe Macirowski has announced Normalize 1.1, an update to his image enhancement app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Normalize is the fast, easy way to bring new life to dull photos. The image-improving techniques used by this user-friendly application make colors more vibrant and hard to see details stand out like never before. It also effortlessly reverses the effects of filters applied by other applications.