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Sticker Shock app shows impact of rising food and gas prices

Aug 15, 2012 - Asar Corporation has announced the release of Sticker Shock 1.2, an update to their personal inflation tracker for iOS devices. With food inflation expected to accelerate due to the worst drought in half a century, Sticker Shock will help users stay abreast of the rising prices and shrinking package sizes that are sure to follow. By gaining awareness of which prices are rising, how often, and by how much, users can take steps to minimize the impact inflation is is having on their budgets.

Sticker Shock app shows users the actual cost of inflation

Apr 17, 2012 - Asar Corporation has announced the release of Sticker Shock 1.1 for iOS devices. When users enter the prices of products they buy, the app automatically tracks and graphs price changes to give them a more accurate depiction of how inflation impacts them, personally. New for this update is social media integration. Users can now post their latest prices and inflation rates to Facebook and Twitter right from the app. This new feature will help users share how prices are faring.

Sticker Shock 1.0 for iOS - A Personal Price Inflation Tracker

Mar 05, 2012 - Asar Corporation today introduces Sticker Shock 1.0, a new iOS app for tracking the price inflation on items a user buys on a regular basis. Add your own items, and start recording the prices you're paying. Sticker Shock will calculate and graph the price inflation for that item over a host of timeframes. Think of this as the rate of change of your own Personal Price Index. Sticker Shock will also calculate your overall price inflation for all items combined, complete with optional weightings.