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Class action suit against Mobclix possible

Apr 07, 2013 - Indie developer Jeff Sherk announces indie developers that are owed over $100,000 by Mobclix are preparing for a class action suit. Mobclix Inc. is a mobile ad exchange network that was acquired by Velti in 2010, but apparently its keeping the money it makes to itself and not paying the app developers that have been displaying ads in their mobile apps on behalf of Mobclix. There are already dozens of developers lining up for the class action suit.

Super Maze 3D iPhone game now free

Mar 08, 2012 - Jeff Sherk has announced Super Maze 3D Race Through Time Fun Game (SM3D) for iOS has dropped it's price to free for a limited time. SM3D pits players against the clock, or against their friends in head to head mode, in a contest to find the exit to the randomly generated maze. Unlockable levels, additional characters and in game mystery items keep SM3D fresh and challenging for players. Mazes can be based on the past, present and future giving players a new challenge after every level.