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Slingshot Action Going Social: Multiplayer freemium iOS game Temple Raid

Nov 28, 2012 - Temple Raid reinvents old slingshot mechanics by turning them social. A new kind of multitouch interaction allows players to construct buildings freely from bricks that come in different shapes and materials. It is key to place pots of gold - the in-game currency - in safe places, as from level L02 on, other players will appear with a slingshot, and nuggets of gold that fall out of a pot are taken by the opponent. Temple Raid combines turn-based and live gameplay to present it as one experience.

Physics space shooter Orbit Luna for iOS now with online multiplayer

Mar 09, 2012 - Indie developer Cynthia Bandara introduces Orbit Luna, a challenging game for iPhone with accurate simulation of gravitational forces in space. The player navigates in a space capsule being able to fire missiles in gravity-bent trajectories. The game features a story-based campaign mode of five missions, three bonus missions, an endless arcade mode, and now a worldwide online multiplayer mode. The game is now free for a limited time to attract online gamers. Announcing a tournament for March 10.