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xScan 4.0 for Mac - Monitor The Health of a Single Mac or Multiple Macs

May 12, 2015 - ADNX Software today announces xScan 4.0, an important update to their popular system monitor utility for Mac OS X. The software is available in two versions. xScanSolo allows users to monitor the behavior and health of a single Mac. xScanPro allows monitoring multiple Macs from any remote location. Version 4.0 sports a modern interface, which includes 12 customizable widgets that allow users to configure the display differently for each computer, according to the specific needs of each machine.

xLine 1.1 for Mac on Sale - Visualize and Solve Problems with Mind Maps

Sep 17, 2013 - adnX today announces xLine 1.1 for Mac OS X, an upgrade to its mind mapping application, which lets users visually depict any idea, project, group of facts, or set of relationships. Ideal for brainstorming, project management, and presentations, mind maps are powerful tools that enhance problem solving and creativity. xLine is the premiere mind mapping app for OS X, featuring various import/export options, full control over the style of all visuals, plus rich media and Retina display support.

xPlan is now available for iPhone

Nov 06, 2012 - xPlan, one of the best project management app for iPad and Mac is now also available for iPhone and iPod touch. Designed to keep track of tasks and calculate a project's cost, xPlan makes it easy to specify requirements, tasks, resources, obstacles, and much more. Named xPlan Pocket, this version has been optimized for smaller screens but featuring the same level of features than the iPad version. Creating, tracking and managing your projects will be much easier than ever.

xPoint 1.1 for iPad now available in 5 languages

Oct 10, 2012 - adnX announces xPoint 1.1 for iPad. xPoint for iPad allows users to manage their favorite places on a map with unlimited custom fields. xPoint can be easily customized to suit the exact needs of a business. It can be used every day by lawyers, real estate agents, designers, photographers, sales professionals, software developers, and more. Version 1.1 is now available in 5 languages and is available at the promotional discount price, until the end of October.

adnX launch new major versions of all apps with a new name

Jan 24, 2012 - Longtime software development company, adnX announced that they have given more coherence to all apps in their portfolio, with a new design, a new look and feel, with a new user experience. In addition to creating a slick new website with a community section, the company improved the stability of all apps and even added new features. This complete rebrand includes a new design, icons, user interface for almost all products with documentations in English and French and more.

adnX releases Projector 3.0, Imagerie 2.0 and GeoLead 1.0 for Mac

Nov 14, 2011 - It's with great pleasure the adnX team releases Projector 3.0, Imagerie 2.0 and GeoLead 1.0. These products designed for Mac OS X required more than five months of hard work for our developers. Projector is a very innovative project management application. Imagerie is an application that allows simple and powerful image editing. GeoLead is a new application to manage your contacts with more productivity and efficiency.

adnX releases CheckUp 3 for Mac OS X

Jul 01, 2011 - adnX today released CheckUp 3, an update to their innovative tool that allows you to check the health and monitor the behavior of a Mac computer. CheckUp is able to detect common problems with a Mac & OS X, and will also provide useful tips to help you fix them. It's as easy as looking at the dashboard of your car. It allows you to access all of your Mac's basic information from your Main IP address to your specific Operating System. It also allows you to view the performance of your processor.

app4mac and app4touch Become adnX in Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

Jun 01, 2011 - In honor of their ten-year anniversary as Apple software developers, app4mac and app4touch will become adnX on June 1, 2011. The celebration will be marked by gifts and promotions through June and the launch of a new adnX website, in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish language versions. Some of the gifts and promotions include: their secure Mac web browser designed for kids, GiddyUp, available free; and their project management app for iPad, Projector, available at two-thirds off.

app4mac introduces Imagerie 1.2 for Mac OS X

May 04, 2011 - California based app4mac today announces Imagerie 1.2, a major new version of their image editor built for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Featuring a modern and intuitive interface, Imagerie is built with a very modern core engine featuring layers management, vector tools, gradient editor and an innovative history navigator. Imagerie is especially made to be flexible, very speedy and clear while doing common editing. No complex windows or hidden features. Version 1.2 includes many core improvements.