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From famous comics designers Sketch and Breakfast: Felinia's World

Sep 23, 2014 - Tecworks announces Felinia's World Free 1.5, the first game created with the drawings of the famous italian comics designers Sketch & Breakfast, authors of the comic characters Felinia and Ribosio, two controversial personalities, struggling with everyday life problems. Help Felinia cross 5 incredible food worlds, full of magic, fantasy, realistic physics, facing every kind of puzzling strategy in this fun-to-play action arcade style.

Shoot the Worm: nerve training game

Apr 18, 2012 - Tecworks announces Shoot the Worm, a game designed to train reflexes of the player and push the concentration of the gamer to the limits, with an amazing graphics in comic cartoon style and accompaniment of great classics of music like Rossini and Mozart, licensed by Lynn Music. With the accompaniment of great classics of music, 75 seconds on each level, infinite ammo, and the happening on worms between humans, are the elements that take the attention of the player.

Cat tractor: It's raining cats and dogs

Apr 18, 2012 - Two years ago, Tecworks Soft was amazed to see, to some friends that had cats, how they used to play with those. Using cheap red laser pointer, those commonly used in classrooms, that projected out a red spot on the wall, was really incredible to see how that small pets going crazy trying to catch it. So, we figured out what was the reason and if it could be reproduced via software. Of course was clear that the pets was focusing in a bright red spot.

Pigeon Vendetta: The game has never been so dirty

Apr 11, 2012 - Everybody playd that scrolling games, with a space-ship, shooting enemies and collecting some sort of gold stars that enhance speed, life, score and ammo - well, this is the last one, but this time, there is no a space ship, but a crazy flying pigeon, the scrolling is not a space station, but are a cityscape, seascape and desert scenario. Enemies are not ships or aliens, but the usually things that we see in that scenarios, like people, cars, other birds, sharks, boats, snakes, cows, alligators.

Bring out the DJ in you - Sonic Loops for iOS

Apr 09, 2012 - Tecworks has announce Sonic loops pro 1.85, an amazing automated, real time, loop playback machine, for iOS devices. Featuring 64 tracks simultaneous playback, with auto-sample-trimming features, and original music loops created by the international artist Metaphonic for the Virtual Audio Project, for Tecworks Soft. Whether you are a musician or music is just your hobby for entertainment. Sonic Loops opens the unlimited possibilities of fresh and unique music.

Sound Kitchen - Valvular sound emulator for iPhone and iPad

Mar 13, 2012 - Tecworks announces Sound kitchen 1.4, its unique sound processing app for iOS devices. Featuring the Mizusoft relaxing sound engine, Sound kitchen emulates the "heat" effect of old valvular amplifiers, while offering amazing high quality 24 bit sound effects. Combine 64 tracks of natural ambient sounds, join them together, mix them, add audio effects, create your perfect sound combination to get the maximum relax, set a timer and let your sound to go till you fall sleep, and more.