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KeyShade Password Manager Released for Mac and iOS

Aug 16, 2016 - Indie development house, Rayner Software today introduces KeyShade 1.0, their new password and information manager for Mac and iOS. Featuring automatic backup and cloud sync functionality, KeyShade is a safe repository for the most sensitive information, offering a secure, encrypted database for managing website logins, bank accounts, credit cards, and notes. Its entire user interface exists within one menu on the menubar. Everything in KeyShade is protected by a single master password.

NetShade 7.0 Offers Mac OS X Users Complete Proxy and VPN Services

May 12, 2016 - Indie development house, Rayner Software today announces NetShade 7.0, an important update to their Proxy and VPN utility app for Mac OS X. NetShade offers Mac users the ability to change their computer's Internet address by routing through a dependable VPN or Proxy server. The app offers users a number of benefits, including anonymity, security, additional content access, and more. Version 7.0 brings IPv6 compatibility, a new user interface & backend helper tool, better VPN logging, and more.

Rayner Software adds VPN support to NetShade

Nov 14, 2012 - California based Rayner Software has released version 5.2 of NetShade, their online anonymity and security tool for Mac OS X. This version adds VPN support to NetShade's existing HTTP proxy support. With version 5.2, the NetShade service adds 6 VPN servers to the 9 proxy servers previously available. NetShade currently operates servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Rayner Software releases NetShade 5

May 09, 2012 - California-based Rayner Software LLC today released NetShade 5 for Mac, the latest update to its popular web anonymizer app. NetShade works by routing your Internet connection through an intermediary proxy server. This prevents your IP address from being sent to the sites you visit, providing a layer of privacy protection and a different geographical point of access. Version 5 is a major rewrite of the NetShade code across the app, as well as built on a new server architecture.

Rayner Software releases iBatt 3

Mar 17, 2012 - Rayner Software has released a major update to its MacBook battery analyzer, iBatt. iBatt 3 features a new user interface and backend, complete with an interactive graph and rich animated monitor view. iBatt 3 extracts every bit of battery information made available by your system, and presents it in a graphical format. An animated Monitor view shows the current state of your laptop's power system, and a historical Graph view allows you to plot your battery's performance over time.