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Photo Borders | Popular Framing App - Listed For Sale On Apptopia

Nov 29, 2012 - Decosoft announced it will be listing Photo Borders for sale on Apptopia. Photo Borders offers 57 stylish frames that can be customized and placed on users images. You simply choose or take a photo, outfit the image with one of 57 great frames, edit the color and then export it to your library or social media pages. The app is especially handy for Instagram users looking to add a touch of color to their social albums.

Ventiframe - Reinvent Instagram Photos with Colorful Frames

Aug 12, 2012 - Decosoft has released the free iOS application Ventiframe, which is bound to please many users who feel constrained by the limited framing options offered by the photo sharing giant. The amazing way to add beautiful frames to Instagram photos. Ventiframe picks up where Instagram left off, allowing users to take their filtered photos and really make them pop with a unique colored frame. The ability to really create a one of a kind masterpiece is what Ventiframe is all about.

Instagram's New Best Friend

Apr 19, 2012 - Photo Borders' latest update allows users to now frame square images. This offers a great opportunity for those Instagramers who feel quelled by the limited framing options offered by the social photography giant. Now if someone would like to add a unique grunge border, or possibly a bit of color, they can quickly do so by choosing from one of the 57 dashing frames and infinite color range Photo Borders has to offer. In addition, Photo Borders boasts an incredibly intuitive interface.