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Electr-it! Brings Hand-Drawn, Supercharged Circuit Fun to the App Store

Jun 19, 2013 - Independent game developer La Cosa Entertainment is excited to release Electr-it! 1.1, now available on the iTunes market. The power-driven app has players solving electrical puzzles amongst cheeky tenants in a blacked out building. There's a blackout in the building. Players help Vincent organize the circuits and restore power. Players switch the circuits around and get that electricity flowing and solve puzzles to find the truth about what caused the blackout.

Tickle Critters is donating a portion of proceeds to the RSPCA

Mar 21, 2013 - Safki Investment is proud to announce the popular iOS game Tickle Critters is now 50% off and donating a percentage of proceeds to the RSPCA! These lovable baby animals are too cute to pass up, but purchasing the app now can help save animals all over the world. Tickle each critter with a simple swipe of your finger, fill their tickle meter and see what happens! Perfect for the young and young at heart, Tickle Critters is sure to make you laugh!

Demo and Kickstarter campaign for Sanjiten, an interactive language game

Jul 05, 2012 - Indie game developer Rob Howland is excited to unveil the demo and Kickstarter Campaign for SanJiten, an innovative game that teaches players a foreign language through immersion and entertainment. SanJiten is an interactive 3D language learning adventure game. Players can freely explore beautiful interactive environments, each filled with hundreds of selectable objects. Players can learn words at their own pace, adding them one by one to their Vocab List. Challenge unlockable mini-games.

Spielhaus releases Cow Bird for iOS / Mac and proves that cows can fly

Jun 10, 2012 - The addictive high-flying game Cow Bird sores onto iPhones and Macs everywhere! Indie iOS developer Spielhaus is pleased to announce the release of their new game Cow Bird 1.0. Raised by birds since she was a small calf, Cow Bird is determined to spread her wings and fly. Upon discovering a deserted egg, she vows to protect and nurture the fragile unborn from the harsh and treacherous world. She must be fast and agile to escape an avalanche that knocked her most prized possession down.

Quatrian Inc. offers their classic game - FaceMe Backgammon - 75% off

May 28, 2012 - Software Company Quatrian announces a "75% off" sale of their popular app, FaceMe Backgammon. The classic dice strategy game is better than ever and available on smartphones everywhere. FaceMe Backgammon has been professionally executed for iPhone and iPad and offers a multitude of playing options on an intuitive interface. Game center multiplayer allows players to invite their friends or auto-match to find online opponents, and local network games are also available using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Mac version of DUSTFORCE arrives now at 50% off

May 04, 2012 - Independent studio Hitbox Team is proud to announce the long awaited Mac version of DUSTFORCE arrives with an in-game level editor and online level server - Now available on Mac and PC for 50% off. Dustforce is a 2D platformer where players are called to fight against the forces of dust and disorder. Play one of 4 acrobatic janitors and clean up the world in style. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings and deftly traverse over 50 precarious environments that vary in difficulty.

Play like a pro with Video Poker Tutor Available for free on iOS

Apr 13, 2012 - Learn from the experts in a high-res poker tournament. Software Company Quatrian is proud to announce the global release of Video Poker Tutor 1.1, available for free on the Apple App Store. Video Poker Tutor can teach a player everything they need to know to win big at the Video Poker machines. Through interactive play and several levels of assistance, players are enlightened on crucial game techniques in a fun and interactive environment. Master the game in a variety of ways.