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Inneres Auge Company Acquires Indie Game Developer Octavian Stirbei

Apr 24, 2012 - Inneres Auge is announcing today the acquisition of rights for the full portfolio of Octavian Stirbei, the developer of Brave Beak and other successful iOS games. This acquisition provides Inneres Auge with a better presence in the growing market of iOS applications and a new perspective for future development. As part of the arrangement, Octavian Stirbei will join the company's management team and will lead the programming department for all ongoing projects.

Greed has a new name and it is spending Easter in Candy Town

Apr 04, 2012 - This Easter comes with special treats as Inneres Auge Co. releases Candy Town Seasons, preparing a sweet match-3 game for each and every holidays. The news couldn't be more delightful for little monster Glim, whose appetite for cakes and chocolate is greater than ever. Players will thus have the important mission to help the friendly creature fill up his Easter basket and keep the cute smile on its face. And here comes Glim, the friendly monster with puppy eyes, always craving for treats.

Che Bean challenges your spirit of freedom - Available now on App Store

Apr 02, 2012 - Inneres Auge Co. has released its game, Che Bean, to challenge players' spirit of freedom. With simple, one-touch controls, Che Bean appeals adventure fans to take the path to liberation and discover the leaders inside. Che Bean tells the story of Che the bean, who jumps out of the ordinary beans' pan to begin his propagandist adventure for bean independence. His charming figure and heroic actions have determined fellow beans to join his cause, following the path of freedom.