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iScrumboard - Agile Projectmanagement 1.2 for iOS: Easy Project Planning

Sep 03, 2012 - Little Chaotic Agency today introduces iScrumboard - Agile Projectmanagement 1.2 for iOS, an improved version of their project planning application. The app features a virtual task board that allows users to organize their projects by splitting them up into tasks. Each project is written on a virtual index card, and the user then splits his or her project into tasks on color-coded sticky notes he or she may drag between the Todo, Work in Progress, and Done columns.

Little Chaotic Agency introduces iScrumboard project management iPad app

Apr 23, 2012 - Little Chaotic Agency is proud to introduce the new iScrumboard project management tool, a complete Kanban Taskboard shrunk to your iPad with unmatched ease of use and striking good looks. iScrumboard helps you to organize your projects, track your progress and drastically improve your productivity. iScrumboard facilitates project managers, scrum teams or may be used as a personal life planning tool. The interface is reduced to the truly essential and the intuitive drag and drop operation.