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Enzyme Player For OS X - New VST/AU Synth Plug-In Features Dynamic Sound

Apr 22, 2014 - Humanoid Sound Systems Limited today introduces Enzyme Player 1.0.40, its new VST and AudioUnits plug-in software synthesizer product for OS X. Featuring the complete synthesis engine from the award-winning Enzyme synth, Enzyme Player contains all the basic essentials for computer music creation. The synth uses a unique combination of wavetable and physical modeling synthesis to create rich, dynamic musical timbre and textures. It also includes 50 presets and Hybrid Scanned/FM synthesis.

Brush With Jackson 1.3 for iOS - Kids + Rabbit Brush Their Teeth Daily

May 31, 2012 - Rosie's Playtime today announces Brush With Jackson 1.3 for iOS, an update to their Health & Fitness app where Jackson, the animated rabbit, can brush his teeth alongside a real child at the sink daily. Making toothbrushing more of a play activity than a chore, the app features Hollywood-style 3D animation and sound. Kids can interact with Jackson by touching him and talking to him, which can all be recorded by the app. With dozens of facial expressions, Jackson makes a great brushing buddy.

Brush With Jackson is just what kids need to get them brushing

Apr 11, 2012 - Brush with Jackson is an iPhone/iPad app in which Jackson Rabbit brushes his teeth alongside your child. With supervision children use Jackson as a timer to brush for the recommended 2-3 minutes, twice a day and have fun whilst doing it. The app has been featured in the British Dental Journal and Vital Magazine and has been recommended by senior dentists. By using Jackson morning and night to keep them 'on task' your child should develop the healthy habit of keeping their teeth clean.