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MathX 2.0 is now available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

May 21, 2015 - The MathX team today announces MathX 2.0, a major update to their popular educational app developed for iOS devices. MathX brings the power of a graphic and scientific calculator on your iPhone and iPad. It can solve more than 15 operations and gives you step-by-step explanations. It allows you to graph and compare up to seven functions simultaneously. Version 2.0 features a completely new application on iPad, all-new standard calculator, new capabilities like Matrix Operations, and more.

MathX 1.1 brings Graphical Representation and Sharing Functions

May 22, 2014 - MathX 1.1 brings Graphical Representation on iPhone. Type a function with a smart keyboard (syntax coloring, autocompletion) and MathX will plot you its graph. Graphical Representation can be used from other apps through the x-callback-url protocol. With the new sharing functions, you can now easily export answers and detailed explanations as PDF, image, or even print it. MathX 1.1 also includes a number of improvements for Quadratic Equation, Cubic Equation and others.

Models List is available

Oct 18, 2012 - Models list is an shopping list for modelers. First of all, this app will allow you to create your shopping lists according to your event or your favorite stores. Moreover, during your displacement, you will be able to check the items you will buy. Then, you can also save all informations you need and opening hours of events and/or stores. Thanks to this application, you can contact at any time the store by email, etc... Finally the day of your displacement, this application uses the GP