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Joystick Mapper Released on Mac App Store

Jun 04, 2012 - Independent developer Rodrigo Rocha has released Joystick Mapper 1.0, his keyboard mapping utility for Mac OS X. Compatible with USB or Bluetooth joysticks and gamepads, Joystick Mapper allows anyone to configure their joysticks or gamepads to simulate keyboard keys/mouse movement/mouse click/mouse scroll. Joystick Mapper offers ready-to-use examples and easily modifiable. Players may easily control any app or game using any of these controllers, even the controllers without built-in support.

Joystick Show Released on Mac App Store

Apr 17, 2012 - Indie developer Rodrigo Rocha introduces Joystick Show 1.0, a Mac OS X app that lets you test any joysticks or gamepads in a very easy and nice way. Have you ever bought a Joystick and realized that you cant just plug it in your mac and simply test it without having to buy any game? "Joystick Show" is the solution. It shows the number of buttons, axes and dpads and its corresponding numbers. It is compatible with USB or Bluetooth joysticks and gamepads.