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Kitchen Guru Turns iPad into a Digital Cookbook

Aug 30, 2012 - Bridgeview Design LLC announces Kitchen Guru 2.0, an update to its comprehensive cooking reference tool for iOS. Kitchen Guru puts an entire cooking knowledge database right in the palm of your hand. Use it to plan meals, discover recipes, and shop like a chef. Add recipes from your favorite websites, import them from other recipes organizers or input them yourself into Kitchen Guru's easy to use recipe organizer. Plan your next dinner party as well as your weekly meals with the meal planner.

Kitchen Guru simplifies cooking on iPhone and iPad

Apr 23, 2012 - Bridgeview Design announces Kitchen Guru 1.1.1 for iOS. Kitchen Guru is a comprehensive cooking reference tool that simplifies the cooking process. The app helps users discover wonderful ingredients and turn them into delicious meals. With information on how to select, store, prepare, and cook an ever-growing library of ingredients, Kitchen Guru becomes the go-to resource for all things cooking. The in season icon quickly lets you know which ingredients are in season and can be found locally.