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SpinVox Announces 600 Registrations for SpinVox API

Jul 17, 2009 - SpinVox has announced that, in just five months, 600 developers have registered with the SpinVox Create community to use the SpinVox API to develop new commercial speech to text applications. SpinVox API is now available in English, Spanish, German and French and works on any mobile platform enabling any developer with Web access to quickly build commercial speech applications.

Audioboo Integrates SpinVox Across Audio Recording/Broadcasting Platform

Jul 10, 2009 - Audioboo, which aims to become the 'Twitter of the spoken word' through its audio recording and broadcasting platform, and SpinVox, the global leader in voice to content messaging, have announced the SpinVox API will be used to automatically convert speech to text across Audioboo's applications, including iPhone podcasting and Twitter posting.

SpinVox API Now Available in Multiple Languages

Jun 06, 2009 - The SpinVox API is now available in English, Spanish, German and French to meet the demand for Speech 3.0 applications worldwide. Expansion of the SpinVox API program makes available a best-in-class speech platform to developers building the next generation of speech-enabled apps such as the recently launched iPhone speak-an-email app QuickVoice Pro from SpinVox and nFinity.