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The Company that is making New Zealand 'appy

Jul 21, 2011 - Smudge Apps is building App's that bring New Zealand to the forefront of global technology. Smudge builds apps for some of New Zealand's biggest brands, and their work means the you can do cool stuff from your phone. Record a TV show, buy a movie ticket, or pay your cellphone bill with the touch of virtual button. The company's portfolio has grown to be an impressive "who's who" of the NZ app scene, and now includes iPhone and Android apps for many leading companies.

The first Scratch and Win app for the iPhone

Jul 24, 2009 - Smudge Apps today is proud to announce Scratchies, a fun new iPhone Application to put Scratch and Win on the iPhone. Your goal is to help Tim earn money to pay back Fang by scratching as many instant win cards as you can. With an all original soundtrack and stunning bright graphics, users will want to show off this app to their friends. With Facebook Integration, you can tell your friends just how good you are at Scratchies without ever having to leave the app.

Top Friends 1.0 released - Brings Minority Report style GUI to iPhone

May 14, 2009 - Smudge Apps today released Top Friends 1.0, a new iPhone App that integrates advanced multi-touch technology with making phone calls. A picture based speed dialer, Top Friends allows you to add photos of the people you call the most onto a pin board, and then manipulate the images in a Minority Report style interface, scaling, moving and rotating the images into a design that works for you. To call, you simply double tap a picture.

Smudge Apps releases Digits 1.0 - Makes Adding Phone Numbers a Breeze

May 08, 2009 - Smudge Apps today released Digits 1.0, their new helper app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Digits streamlines the process of adding phone numbers to your iPhone. It allows you to get down the key information very quickly. You are prompted for a phone-number, first and last name, and the contact is saved. No extra steps. It is great for getting a phone number at a party or from a potential client in a hurry.