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New Quiz App connects friends to compete in a league game

Jul 13, 2015 - ChangeMyStyle announces Quiz Hero 1.0.43 for iOS and Android devices. Quiz Hero is a multiple choice quiz game which can be played online against people from all over the world. A player can create a quiz group with friends and everybody is asked the same questions in each round. A ranking table, just like the ones used for sport leagues, shows who is ahead of the others and who is climbing up or down the charts. Quiz Hero has a new gameplay concept where multiple users can compete in one group.

1001 free Photo Effects for iPhone and iPad

Jan 18, 2014 - Upload photo, select effect, send altered photo - done. It does not get much easier. ChangeMyStyle is proud to announce the new app "1001 Photo Effects" can be used on the iPhone and iPad, completely free, and without in-app purchases. It is a great tool to optimize, alter and "spiff up" all types of photos, turning them into little works of art. Fire, kaleidoscope, poster and sand painted effects are just some of the many choices provided to magically add a special touch to an image.

American Football vs. Aliens

Apr 28, 2012 - Indie developer Alexander Rieger announces Super Bob 1.0.2 for iOS. Aliens have trapped the earth with a laser beam! Help Super Bob save the planet in this amazing Jump & Run game. Super Bob is a football player and needs to make his way to the foreign planet Androida II to deactivate the laser beam. Collect diamonds and fight against other football players to reach the rocket which will get you in space. Navigate the rocket safely through asteroid fields and shoot against other space ships.

Style Checker - iPhone App can tell the style of your friends

Apr 28, 2012 - Indie developer Alexander Rieger announces the release of Style Checker 1.0.8 for iOS. Change My Style is a helpful dress guide for men and woman. The app can display a photo of a person with clothing of different colors and guide the user in choosing an appropriate color combination. The actual highlight is a novel algorithm that can generate matching combinations. This makes it very easy to find the appropriate tie for a man's suit. The app contains a photo of a man and a woman as well.