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Bubble Chart Pro Adds Zoom-Boxes to 3-D Bubble Charts in Latest Release

Oct 24, 2013 - Three-dimensional (3-D) bubble charts let managers uniquely compare projects and business investments against 4 different criteria simultaneously, such as costs, risks, profit, and resources. Bubble Chart Pro 5.3 for Mac and Windows adds zoom-boxes to its 3-D bubble charts to let managers isolate and display small selections of bubbles by simply drawing a rectangle on the chart that contains those bubbles. Thus, zoom-boxes are a convenient way to "zoom-in" on specific project groups.

Bubble Chart Pro Introduces Rotating 3D Bubble Charts

Sep 25, 2013 - Bubble Chart Pro 5.2 for Mac and Windows introduces 3-dimensional rotating bubble charts, providing business managers and executives with a whole new way of looking at their data. 3D bubble charts let managers explore & compare project relationships against 4 different criteria simultaneously, such as cost, resources requirements, risk, & profit, in a single chart. The charts are highly customizable to allow users to choose any look, including changing colors, gradients, pictures, fonts, & more.

Bubble Chart Pro 5.0 Makes Business Investment Decisions Easier

Jul 30, 2013 - Bubble Chart Pro 5 for Mac OS X Mountain Lion is here, and is loaded with some great new features to help make business decision-making easier, faster, and better. Bubble Chart Pro can be used to compare many different types of potential business investments, including R&D projects, marketing strategies and others. The new features include custom legends for tracking groups of bubbles, ability to use short text and date values in charts, common U.S. and European number formats, and much more.

Bubble Chart Pro 4.3 Helps Maximize Return From Project Portfolios

Apr 15, 2013 - Bubble charts are an excellent way to simultaneously visualize relationships between projects in multiple data dimensions such as value, cost, and risk. Newly released Bubble Chart Pro version 4.3 combines beautiful charts and powerful business analytics to help businesses maximize their return from project portfolio investments. Managers can use Bubble Chart Pro to prioritize their projects by value to the firm and then optimize against constraints to select the best set of projects.

New Bubble Chart Pro PLUS Release Makes Project Prioritization Easier

Oct 17, 2012 - Bubble Chart Pro PLUS solves the difficult problem managers face when trying to prioritize their projects using multiple competing criteria such ROI, cost, resources, and risk. Bubble Chart Pro PLUS uses a powerful project prioritization system that lets managers integrate multiple competing criteria into a single value score for each project. This release of Bubble Chart Pro PLUS version 4 brings a powerful project portfolio management tools to business managers and consultants.

Bubble Chart Pro PLUS Solves the Project Prioritization Problem

May 31, 2012 - Bubble Chart Pro PLUS version 3.0 solves the difficult problem business managers face when trying to prioritize their projects by simultaneously comparing competing project criteria such as rewards, costs, resource requirements, timing, and risks. Bubble Chart Pro PLUS combines a powerful prioritization system with beautiful interactive bubble and bar charts to help managers rank and choose which projects to fund.

Bubble Chart Pro 2.5 Helps Uncover Hidden Value in Business Investments

May 01, 2012 - Data Machines, Inc announces the release of Bubble Chart Pro Version 2.5. Bubble Chart Pro helps managers quickly find the value hidden in their business investment portfolios by letting them visually compare investments in multiple business data dimensions, such as value, cost, and risk. By visualizing their data this way, managers can quickly see and understand which investments are the most attractive and which are the least attractive.